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Making a record should be a simple process, right?. You get the songs together then you record them and then anyone whose attention is won may have a listen and will hopefully enjoy them.
But making a record is actually like running a marathon just as you near the finish line, which with 2 songs left to finish up is were escape act now are, comes the crucial final steps.
You have to mix the songs to give them the feel and sound that suits them best and then its mastering whereby the record is given its final sonic balance. Other questions arise like what should be the single? What should the cover look like? Video ideas?
These choices begin to happen right at the point when you just want everyone to hear and enjoy the songs and you can lose perspective on things very quickly .
Over the next few months we want you to HAVE YOUR SAY? We will post up songs as we mix them and you can shout which one sounds like a single for us to try and get on the radio with! Or let us know if a song needs a drum solo! etc Tell us which cover idea is great and which one not so much!
The next recording sessions in Gargleblast studios Glasgow, are at the end of September and October. Then it’s time to Have your say!

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