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Post Adventures on the Moon

More new music and a new video! Post Adventures on the Moon is the final track on the album of the same name, featuring Belfast’s Linley Hamilton on trumpet. Stream or download the track from

Until i’m done i can’t relax

New music time! Here’s a taster from the new album, ‘Until i’m done i can’t relax.’

Then a single to follow, complete with exclusive B side ( remember them! ) , we are just finishing up the video for it .

New single. ‘It starts to burn’

Happy to announce that if you click on the link to the right you can hear our new single ‘It starts to burn.’

Final track listing for our upcoming new album ‘Post adventures on the moon’ is:

It starts to burn
Until I’m done I can’t relax
We bumped into love
Kevin Drain
How can I reach you?

Hungry Vultures
Don’t you think we should stop?
My heart is open source
A dream that wakes you up
Post adventures on the moon


It starts to burn

We will be putting out the first song from our third album in a few months time. Setting deadlines for making music is always difficult, especially when life is going on, at an ever increasing velocity, and pulling you in various directions.

Ultimately I didn’t post rough mixes like i said i would, you didn’t ‘have your say.’ Instead I found myself very quietly zeroing in on the sound I wanted by not really talking to anybody about it at all!!

Now and again I would give the mixes I had from March time this year a spin and figure out how I felt about them.

Then last week I spent three really special days with Andy and Pat at Gargleblast. I feel the marathon is being run to its end this time and the songs have a really good spirit.

So hopefuuly you’ll enjoy It starts to burn in a few months time. Take care c

Have your say!

Making a record should be a simple process, right?. You get the songs together then you record them and then anyone whose attention is won may have a listen and will hopefully enjoy them.
But making a record is actually like running a marathon just as you near the finish line, which with 2 songs left to finish up is were escape act now are, comes the crucial final steps.
You have to mix the songs to give them the feel and sound that suits them best and then its mastering whereby the record is given its final sonic balance. Other questions arise like what should be the single? What should the cover look like? Video ideas?
These choices begin to happen right at the point when you just want everyone to hear and enjoy the songs and you can lose perspective on things very quickly .
Over the next few months we want you to HAVE YOUR SAY? We will post up songs as we mix them and you can shout which one sounds like a single for us to try and get on the radio with! Or let us know if a song needs a drum solo! etc Tell us which cover idea is great and which one not so much!
The next recording sessions in Gargleblast studios Glasgow, are at the end of September and October. Then it’s time to Have your say!

Summer sessions

Just back from my first drum practice tonight ahead of the summer recording dates. (end of June and July)
For an hour the click track was my enemy and then it all clicked (pardon the terrible pun) when i kept things simple. I like adventerous drum rolls and hyper bass drum parts but songs usually don’t!
The six songs i’ve chosen to complete the new record are currently called: Don’t you think we should stop?; We bumped into love; In the meantime; Hungry Vultures; How can i reach you? & Still Here.
I’ve been working at home on these songs over the last few weeks finalising chords and tweaking words, nearly there now with the writing but you never know until you hit the studio.
I’ll let you know how things are developing at the end of June when i hopefully get the bones of the new songs down.

Recording update

At the start of the week a couple of days were pinched to go over and make some further progress on the new songs. The songs are, Kevin Drain, Like a wrecking ball, Racing and A dream that wakes you up.
The session was mainly spent finishing vocals on wrecking ball and arranging the other songs. Everything is starting to come together with the new record now and although a lot of work lies ahead a definite vision is emerging which is exciting all involved.

new year new recordings

Hi everyone,

Last Spring after we finished the Balance album project we decided to take an indefinite break. Things came to a natural end with the conclusion of the promotion for Balance and it seemed the perfect time.
In the Summer I started to record new songs with Andy in Glasgow. There are four songs nearly done. Rich has managed to get over and do some singing and glockenspiel and its really fun getting over every few months to work on the project.
As time flies by and our family commitments have changed in brilliant ways Rich and I always saw the band we started eventually morphing into a less permanent group setup and after a much needed break thats what has happened.
So instead of the music i’m working on coming out under a new band/solo name we decided yesterday it would be a waste to not allow it to be escape act music. I hope to put up some early mixes of new EA songs soon. Chris

Salt In Your Eye – the new single

We’re pleased to be releasing this excellent video for Salt In Your Eye, lovingly produced by the guys at Melting Point Media:

Click here to download Salt In Your Eye

We asked Director Gavin Randall for some thoughts on the inspiration for the video…
“The initial inspiration for the video came from the song. We liked the song’s themes of overcoming overbearing personalities and not giving up, while the upbeat tempo pointed us towards creating something fun and light hearted. I always felt the idea would be based around two characters competing or fighting. This led us to old style cartoons where the bad guy would set up elaborate traps to catch the good guy but would ultimately fail. With numerous situations and locations in mind, it was the bands name that gave us the idea of a prison with the two characters being the guard and prisoner. We also looked at classic prison break movies such as Cool Hand Luke, and The Great Escape for inspiration.

When starting production we spent a lot of time trying to find the right location. Originally we found a warehouse that we were going to use and make it look like a prison. Then four days before shooting I read an article where a feature film called ‘Screwed’ had recently used an actual prison to film in. After numerous phone calls we secured this location. We spent two days shooting, one at the prison and one at an abandoned hospital that we used for the exteriors shots. With close to 3 hours of footage captured we then spent the remaining three days editing, compositing effects and colour grading before arriving at the final cut.”

Visit for more Melting Point videos.

Watch ‘Striking The Balance’

Here’s our short film ‘Striking The Balance’. It charts the making of our second album ‘Balance’ during 2009. [watch on youtube]

The film was screened at ‘So You Want To Make An Album’ an Open Music Media Meetup/Discussion at the Black Box Cafe on Sunday 31st January.

Many thanks to Tim Newell for all the effort and time that went into helping us tell the story.

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